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elephant air compressor

is a high-quality Oilless and silent (Less than 60 Decibel) air compressor.

  • All models are available with silicon stoppers for stability and for noise reduction.
  • All models are available with metallic connections and safety valves.
  • All models are available with clear and easy-to-read gauges and filters.


It is available in 3 horsepowers:

0.75 HP:

Watt560 Watts

Capacity: 30 L

Air Flow: 110 L/Min.

Used for the single dental unit without high suction.


1.15 HP:

Watt850 Watts

Capacity: 35 L

Air Flow: 165 L/Min.

Bestseller – Used for a single dental unit with high suction.


1.5 HP:

Watt1200 Watts

Capacity: 50 L

Air Flow: 200 L/Min.

Best quality – Used for two dental units with high suction.



0.75 HP, 1.1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP


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