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Aquacareair abrasion device is the best air abrasion unit in the world . You are totally in control of pressure , powder content and liquid used during the procedure . With the variable powder collection and tips you can achieve the ultimate profit out of the device.

ِِAquacare device made in UK

Not All Clean Is The Same!

Aquacare creates the cleanest possible surface for adhesive dentistry , you can choose between Aluminium Oxide , Sodium Bicarbonate or Sylc Bioglass to have a perfectly clean surface with the highest success rate to bond your restorations

You can use the device in everyday situations : Polishing , cavity conditioning , stain removing , orthodontic residual composite removal , periodontal treatments , pits and fissure conditioning , composite conditioning for addition ,removal of old restorations, cavity preparation and more.

Aquacare handpieces 

Aquacare comes with Two handpieces : (0.6 mm Silver colors and 0.8 mm Golden color )

Controlling pressure parameter and powder quantity

Foot Pedal 

AquaCare Range Of Powders!

When it comes to powder, we believe you deserve the best quality so that your experience with AquaCare never fails to be other than outstanding.

A – Prophylaxis:

Using Sodium Bicarbonate.

– Polishing

– Removing the stains

– Removing the biofilm giving the best surface for adhesion.

Safe on enamel surface and doesn’t cut into the enamel.

B- Cutting medium:

Using Aluminum Oxide 29µ or 53µ.

-Make small cavities

– Open fissures for fissure sealant

*Hard enough to cut into enamel surface


SYLC powder : It is a bioglass powder composed of a very small glass particle in the middle and covered with Novamin “Like M&Ms with nut inside”  so when it hits the surface ,glass crashes Novamin into the dentinal tubules to block it ( low pressure 2 – 2.5 bar max). (Desensitization)

– Remove heavy stains (3 bars).

– Block the dentinal tubules to enhance the bonding(Remineralization) .


  • Vanilla Fragrance.
  • 17.5% Ethanol.
  • 500 ml


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OVER 100

Key Opinion Leaders around the world that are using and recommending AquaCare as the New Normal for Dentistry


Dentists around the world using AquaCare daily in achieving outstanding results while working clean.


Is the minimum number of patients who are receiving dental treatments with AquaCare per year.


Video showing old amalgam restoration removal using AquaCare air abrasion device. 

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Aquacare Single, Aquacare Twin


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