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Bioclear sectional matrix system number 1 over the world
Made in USA
Buying one of the Intro kits is the best option to try the different shapes of the matrices so that you can build your own opinion.
Anterior intro kit contains :
2 X upper Mesials A101
2X Upper Distals A102
2X Small Incisors A103
2 X Upper Mesials Diastema Closure DC201
2X Upper Distals Diastema Closure DC202
2X Small Incisors Diastema Closure DC203
5 X Diamond wedges , 1 of each size
Posterior intro kit contains:
4X Biofit HD 4.5mm
4X Biofit HD 5.5mm
4X Biofit HD 6.5mm
5 X Diamond wedges , 1 of each size

Anterior diastema closure kit, Anterior matrix intro kit, Black triangle matrix kit, Diamond wedges kit of 80 assorted, Posterior matrix intro kit, Posterior matrix kit, Regular anterior matrix kit


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