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Distilo Joident

Joident designs, develops and manufactures distilled water machines that are distilled, condensed, and extracted by heating the principle of air-cooling.

This is an innovative distilled water machine with low energy consumption, fast distillation and extraction speed, low effluent temperature and high speed.

The electrical conductivity of distilled water produced is up to the national standard of laboratory level 1 distilled water. And it can be widely used in household use. Cosmetology, medicine, laboratory and equipment etc.

Steam sterilizer must use distilled water.

Distilo is fully suitable for all sterilizing distilled water models.

It can not only ensure the machine running stably, but also reduce the blockage of the solenoid valve and prolong the service life of the machine.

Main features:

o Time-saving, Extract 1.5 litre of water per hour.
o Large capacity = 4 Litres.
o The resulted water is extremely clean (no residue or minerals) so protects the autoclave from blockage and maintains stable sterilization.
o A metal fan that provides efficiency and durability.
o Chamber is detachable & made of 304 stainless steel which gives a very smooth surface for easy cleaning of residue.
o Low noise and low energy consumption.



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