Novo Pro Class B Autoclave

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Novo Pro Class B Autoclave from Joident

-Smart touch operating system

-Passed B&D , Helix tests which ensure the quality of sterilization cycles

-Triple lock for safety (electric,mechanical,pressure) lock , you can’t open the autoclave during sterilization cycle to ensure successful cycle and clinic safety

-All types of instruments can be sterilized efficiently (unwrapped,wrapped,hollowed,plastic)

-8 Automatic programs

-Sterilization data can be recorded by SD card and printed to ensure the efficiency of the sterilization

-Available in 18 L , 23 L{


18 L, 23 L

1 review for Novo Pro Class B Autoclave

  1. ahmad abdelfatah

    اوتوكلاف جميل جدا
    إمكانيات عالية و شكل رائع و جذاب
    و خدمة الشركة ممتازة

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