Sectional Matrix Band


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Made in China made of stainless steel material.
• Sectional matrix used to class 2 restoration to get normal contour and contact area.
• Available with 0.038 mm thickness.
• Available with 4.5, 5.2 and 6.4 mm height.
• Available with extension matrix to be more convenient in deep caries cases.
• Matrix is available in:
1. Kit 250 Pcs (50 premolar, 100 molar, 50 tall molar, 50 molar with extension) with or without the metal ring.
2. Refill of 50 Pcs of one size.

Sectional Matrix Ring

• Incomplete loop(non-closed) that works to adjust the matrix band and provide separation between teeth.
• Made from NITI.
• Elephant ring have 2 peaks like a dart to achieve maximum separation.


Elephant metal ring can be purchased separately


Kit of 250 pcs with rings, Kit of 250 pcs without rings, Molar, Molar with extension, Premolar, Tall Molar


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