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AquaCare Range Of Powders!

When it comes to powder, we believe you deserve the best quality so that your experience with AquaCare never fails to be other than outstanding


A – Prophylaxis:

Using?Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Polishing.
  • Removing the stains.
  • Removing the biofilm gives the best surface for adhesion.
  • Safe on the enamel surface and doesn’t cut into the enamel.
Using Soft Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Mint flavor.
  • Over 40% Reduction in Particle size.
  • Safe on the gingiva.
  • For polishing and prophylaxis.



B- Cutting medium:

Using Aluminum Oxide 29? or?53?.
  • Make small cavities.
  • Open fissures for fissure sealant.
  • Hard enough to cut into the enamel surface.



SYLC Powder:

It is a bioglass powder composed of a very small glass particle in the middle and covered with Novamin ?Like M&Ms with nut inside?? so when it hits the surface, glass crashes Novamin into the dentinal tubules to block it (low pressure 2 – 2.5 bar max).

  • Desensitization.
  • Remove heavy stains (3 bars).
  • Block the dentinal tubules to enhance the bonding (Remineralization).


D – Aluminium Trihydroxide:

Aluminium trihydroxide is a polishing powder with a sodium-free formula. This avoids a salty taste after procedure performances, and also prevents increased air safety polishing with patients following diets with sodium restrictions. Mint flavour, sodium free, optimal stain removal performance.


Aquasol Fluid is ideal for use with AquaCare as the fluid component to Aqua Abrasion?.

  • Beautiful vanilla fragrance, your patients will enjoy their AquaCare treatment.
  • A 17.5% ethanol content helps to sterilize the inner workings of your AquaCare, helping to maintain hygienic procedures.

Aquacare Tips (Pack of 50), AquaSol, Powder – Aluminium Oxide 29 ?m (Blue), Powder – Aluminium Oxide 53 ?m (Red), Powder – Aluminum Trihydroxide, Powder – Cosil 30 ?m, Powder – Sodium Bicarbonate (White), Powder – Sodium Bicarbonate Soft Cleaning (Light-Green), Powder – SYLC (Green), Aquacare Handpiece Gold, Aquacare Handpiece Silver, Dryer


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