elephant Plus Zirconia Crown – Posterior



elephant Plus Zirconia Crown – Posterior

  • Unique ready-made Zirconia crowns for 1ry teeth.
  • Perfect esthetic achieved by:
    elephant crowns are made of highly translucent zirconia to provide a natural appearance.
    Highly polished, glazed, smooth surface.
    Optimum morphology.
    Variety of sizes to choose the most suitable size.
  • Conservativity achieved by:
    elephant crowns are provided in small thickness to ensure the most conservative crown preparation.
  • Autoclavable, no need for Try in kit.
  • LASER mark on the lingual surface indicates the tooth number, size & quadrant for easy identification.
  • Sandblasted inner surface to increase the surface area to ensure maximum bonding and durability.



kit of 48, kit of 96, LLD, LLE, LRD, LRE, ULD, ULE, URD, URE


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


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