KSK Tiger Clamps


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KSK Tiger Clamps

138, 139, 12A, 13A, 1T, 9T, 14T, 56T



Rubber Dam Clamps from Dentech-KSK company.

Made in Japan since 1907


KSK Rubber Dam Clamps are known to be one of the top brands worldwide.

They are made of special spring-tempered stainless steel that can withstand hundreds of cycles without deforming.

This material has ideal spring action for Rubber Dam Clamps, as well as maximum corrosion resistance.

Every production lot is examined by a metal fatigue test which assures good spring action and a long lifetime.


Clamps are provided in 3 surface finish:

1- Standard Stainless Steel surface finish.

2- Matt Stainless Steel surface finish.

3- Black Stainless Steel surface finish.

Matt and Black clamps provide very less light reflection protecting the eyes, especially when working with microscopes.


Clamps are available in great variety and great designs to solve all the dental isolation challenges.


12a, 138, 139, 13a, 14T, 1T, 56T, 9T


Black, Matt, Standard


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