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Investing in a Philosophy of Air Abrasion


AquaCare Single & Twin Devices - BiBODENT


Air abrasion:

Is a way to modify tooth surface without drilling, using a blast of powder under high air pressure with or without liquid.


Advantages of air abrasion:

  • No vibration
  • No heat generation
  • No crack propagation
  • Minimal invasive
  • No anesthesia
  • No drilling


AquaCare is the best air abrasion device


Total Control Of Your Powder, Pressure And Solution



  • Patent handpiece (a pathway for powder and pathway for liquid separately)
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Available in 2 diameters: Gold 0.8mm, Silver 0.6mm


AquaCare Handpieces - BiBODENT



AquaCare Range Of Powders!

When it comes to powder, we believe you deserve the best quality so that your experience with AquaCare never fails to be other than outstanding


A – Prophylaxis:

Using?Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Polishing.
  • Removing the stains.
  • Removing the biofilm gives the best surface for adhesion.
  • Safe on the enamel surface and doesn’t cut into the enamel.
Using Soft Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Mint flavor.
  • Over 40% Reduction in Particle size.
  • Safe on the gingiva.
  • For polishing and prophylaxis.



B- Cutting medium:

Using Aluminum Oxide 29? or?53?.
  • Make small cavities.
  • Open fissures for fissure sealant.
  • Hard enough to cut into the enamel surface.



SYLC Powder:

It is a bioglass powder composed of a very small glass particle in the middle and covered with Novamin ?Like M&Ms with nut inside?? so when it hits the surface, glass crashes Novamin into the dentinal tubules to block it (low pressure 2 – 2.5 bar max). (Desensitization)

  • Remove heavy stains (3 bars).
  • Block the dentinal tubules to enhance the bonding (Remineralization).



Aquasol Fluid is ideal for use with the AquaCare as the fluid component to Aqua Abrasion?.

  • Beautiful vanilla fragrance, your patients will enjoy their AquaCare treatment.
  • A 17.5% ethanol content helps to sterilize the inner workings of your AquaCare, helping to maintain hygienic procedures.



The foot pedal


AquaCare Foot Pedal - BiBODENT



Uses of AquaCare


AquaCare Cases - BiBODENT



AquaCare Cases


AquaCare Cases - BiBODENT



AquaCarians Feedbacks


AquaCarians Feedbacks - BiBODENT



Video showing old amalgam restoration removal using AquaCare air abrasion device.?



Aquacare Single, Aquacare Twin, Aquacare Twin Black


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