ATS Omega Implant Motor


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*Brushless micromotor
*Electronic calibration of contra-angle
*Available with 3 different pedal
*Built to last
* User-friendly

*Torque 51 ncm
*Implant motor with integrated coolant pump easy and uncomplicated to use brushless motor
*Is a complete system specially developed under consideration of all the needs in implantology and surgery
*Used with contra 20:1
*Speed from 400-30000 RPM
*Gear ratio contra-angle ratio: 1:1 / 16:1 / 20:1 / 24:1 / 32:1 / 64:1 / 80:1
*Calibration: compensate the loss torque caused by contra-angle
*3 different flow rate ( min-med-max) max=100ml/min

*solution holder
*Motor holder
*Made in Italy


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