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Single-Component Universal Dental Adhesive

5 Reasons to choose OptiBond Universal:

OptiBond Universal is your one-step universal adhesive for any technique or any substrate. But with so many universal dental bonding agents on the market, why should you choose it for your restorative procedures? There are many reasons for this. Read all of them.

1. One bottle. One coat.
The beauty of OptiBond Universal lies in its simplicity. Primer, adhesive and etchant are all combined in one bottle. The advanced technology that forms the basis of this formula means one coat is all you need for your procedures.

2. Proven strength.
OptiBond Universal provides higher levels of bond strength in comparison to other universal adhesive systems on dentine and enamel.
Creating maximum flexibility with outstanding results under different gel etchant modes. Internal data on file.

3. Complete versatility.
Reconstructing the tooth structure involves different substrates with different peculiarities and challenges.
OptiBond Universal offers the possibility to rely on proven technology for different substrates and techniques, from total etch to self-etch and selective etch, in just one bottle.

4. Protection against post-operative sensitivity.
The hydrophilic nature of the OptiBond Universal wetting agent respects the composition of the natural tooth structure.
Moreover, the technology delivers excellent penetration into dentinal tubules, ensuring protection against microleakage and post-operative sensitivity.

5. Deep family ties.
Building on a legacy of over 20 years of clinical success, OptiBond Universal is the latest addition to the renowned family of OptiBond dental bonding agents.
The signature GPDM monomer, known as the Gold Standars in adhesion, forms the backbone of this exceptional performance.