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Finishing and Polishing System
The OptiDisc finishing and polishing system gives your restorations a final polish equal to that of natural dentition. With a three-grit system instead of the traditional four, you can achieve a higher surface gloss with fewer steps than with competitive products. OptiDiscs are translucent for enhanced working surface visibility. Kerr also offers OptiDisc Extra-Coarse for contouring composite restorative materials prior to finishing and polishing.
OptiDisc™ Mini Kit 12.6mm (120 pcs)
Contents: ø 12.6mm: 30 x extra-coarse; 30 x coarse; 30 x fine; 30 x extra-fine; 1 x standard mandrel; 1 x short mandrel; 1 x OptiShine brush

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Finishing and Polishing

4-grits system for contouring, finishing,polishing and high gloss polishing
For composites, glass ionomers, amalgams, semi and precious metals.OptiDisc is available in three different diameters,to help reaching posterior areas with ease and without harming the soft tissue
The high performing discs is are now even easier to choose!The colour coded system allows you to easily identify the appropriate grit level based on your procedural needs.
Gross reduction and contouring. To adjust primary geometric shape of the tooth.
Finishing. To remove composite excess, shape secondary anatomy and finish the restoration.
Polishing. To erase surface scratches and reduce surface roughness below.
High gloss polishing. To reduce surface roughness to high gloss below
*Abrasive particles have no coating*, meaning the moment you fix the disc to the mandrel you are ready to go!
-The translucent material affords great visibility of the working area, for extra precise finishing.
-Flexible – Thin disc allows for greater disc flexibility.
-Long-lasting performance – Made of durable polyester impregnated with aluminium oxide particles.
-Ready to use abrasive layer – Uncoated cutting edges of coarse discs for high efficiency from the start.
Patented mandrel design
-Flush-mounted mandrel and patented retention system ensures precise operation, protecting neighbouring teeth from scratching and soft tissue damage.
-Special coated mandrel is placed below the surface of the disc, for protection against scarring of the restoration and better handling.?
-Optimal torque transmission to disc, no sliding and not or rpm sensitive sensitivity
-The patented shorter mandrel design protects the tooth from scratching and accidental touching that could leave black lines
-Shorter mandrel Facilitates access to posterior and other restricted areas.
Dental finishing and polishing discs
The OptiDisc dental finishing and polishing discs system allows you to obtain a perfect final result for your restorations.
It assists you in contouring to polishing through the different colour-coded grit levels available.
This polishing system is a key element in finishing off any aesthetic restoration. Find out about the full aesthetic workflow offered by Kerr in our step-by-step procedure: