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2g Syringe
The first premixed mta based on pure c3s with excellent physical properties and biocompatibility comparable to powder type MTA

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Endocem Premix MTA – the first premixed MTA with excellent physical properties and biocompatibility. This well-researched patented rapid-setting formulation is excellent for Pulp Capping (both direct and indirect), Pulpotomy, Perforation repairs, Apexification and an excellent choice as a Root-End filling material. It’s easy to apply, and features excellent sealing ability, superior physical properties and outstanding hemostatic action with no discoloration while providing excellent radiopacity.



  • Hemostatic action by phyllosilicate ingredient.
  • Easy to use without bleeding control.
  • High compressive strength and stable dimensional change.
  • Aesthetic by Zirconium Oxide.
  • Easy application to narrow and deep areas.
  •  Outstanding biocompatibility
  • No discoloration & Excellent radiopacity.
  •  Excellent sealing ability & Effective stimulation blocking.
  •  Endocem MTA exhibits excellent biocompatibility containing
    Dimethyl sulfoxide.


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