Endoseal MTA

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Endoseal MTA

Is the best MTA-based Bioceramic material in the Egyptian market and one of the best globally.

It is a paste-type root canal sealer that has excellent physical and biological properties of MTA.

It is premixed and pre-loaded in a syringe that allows direct application of the sealer into the root canal without the hassle of powder/liquid mixing.

It has outstanding flowability and maneuverability, which makes it possible to completely fill the root canal system including accessory and lateral canals.

It is Eugenol-free and will not impede adhesion inside the root canal. It doesn’t cause post-operative pain or periapical tissue irritation.

You can fill the canal completely with Endoseal-MTA or use it as a regular root canal sealer with a Gutta Percha cone.

It comes with 20 tips for direct injection inside the root canal.


Calcium silicates, Calcium aluminates, Calcium aluminoferrite, Calcium sulfates, Radiopacifier, Thickening agent


  • Permanent obturation of the root canal system
  • Root perforation repair
  • Pulp revascularization

State-of-the-art MTA root canal sealer that offers:

  • Simple and fast canal filling
  • Strong antibacterial effects
  • Promotion of hard tissue formation
  • No postoperative pain after overfilling
  • Complete apical sealing


Published studies about the product:

JOE Push-out Bond Strength of Injectable Pozzolan-based Root Canal Sealer

Scanning, Comparison of Bacterial Leakage Resistance of Various Root Canal Filling Materials and Methods

European journal of dentistry, Tooth discoloration induced by a novel Mineral Trioxide Aggregate-based root canal sealer

BMC oral health, Physical properties and biocompatibility of an injectable calcium-silicate-based root canal sealer in vitro and in vivo study


2g syringe, 3g syringe

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  1. محمد صلاح

    احسن بايوسيراميك سيلر في مصر .. ممتاز جدا

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