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RetroMTA is a 0.3g powder of hydraulic bioceramic material for repair and vital pulp therapy.
Portland cement is NOT used as a raw material. RetroMTA is a powder consisting of fine, hydrophilic particles that set in the presence of water and form a strong impermeable barrier. It contains hydraulic calcium zirconia complex as a contrast media. Setting time is 150 seconds. It has no discoloration even in case of blood contamination. Therefore it is a ideal for aesthetic repair material. It contains no heavy metals. It has no toxicity to cells with in 48 hours. This means it is a substance for vital pulp therapy. (pulp capping, pulpotomy and pulpectomy) In vivo condition, Initial Ph is up to 12.5 and down to 7.8~8.0 in 4 weeks.Ex vivo study shows it has the high potential for biomineralization.


Pulp cappingㆍPulpotomyㆍPulpectomyㆍApexificationㆍApexogenesisㆍREP

PerforaionㆍApical surgeryㆍRoot resorptionㆍReplantationㆍApexification and Indirect pulp capping



• Rapid setting time : 150 sec
• Excellent sealing ability
• Excellent bactericidal effect
• No discoloration
• No heavy metal : No Cr, As, Ni, Bi, Fe, Cd
• No toxic to cells : Grade 0 (cell toxicity test)
• Good radio-opacity : Al 5  mm above value
• Good Handling Properties


Mixing Instruction:

1. Open the cap and pouch.
2. Pour the 0.3g powder into the floor of the cap
3. Cut the plastic pipettes with scissors
4. Make 3 drops onto the powder
5. Wet it gently with a plastic spatula for 20 seconds
6. Wait until the shiny surface disappears
7. Apply the putty like RetroMTA with proper pressure








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